Sometimes today can be a day for the books for some of us. You remember that huge book filled with your least favorite subject. The book that required you to actually critically think to solve problems. That book in school that you rarely opened because it was filled with issues and topics that didn’t catch your interest. Continuously trying our best to avoid something that we will have to evidently face. But just like that book that we all hated in school, we still had to actually open it up, and learn the material because we needed to pass the class. That is exactly what some of our days actually feel like. Regardless of how bad and frustrating and complicated, it is, we still have a due diligence to surpass today because it was a lesson that needed to be learned…with or without our participation.


Life is funny, but not always in a laughing way. Too many of us are hit with situations and problems, that we just want to run from. And even though, some of those problems, we are able to run from- what happens when they keep coming back. Until you face a frustrating problem, in a logical sense, it will keep repeating itself until a solution is met. So, what happens when you can run anymore? When you have to stand up tall, and do the uncomfortable? That is what Today is for a lot of us. A challenging and difficult taste of medicine that we refused to swallow, not knowing that the taste lingering in my mouth was more agonizing. See we spend so much time avoiding and running from the frustration of the trouble that is there, that we miss the opportunity to see the lesson in the difficult. Maybe because sometimes the thought of tomorrow, brings more ease than the completion of today…



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