“How’s Your Spirit Today?” Guided Self Care Journal

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“How’s Your Spirit Today?” | A Guided Self Care Journal Created to Help Women Transfer Their Authentic Emotions From Thoughts Into Words is a game-changing journal. Encouraging women to authentically write down their thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are sometimes trapped inside, or even difficult to speak. This guided self-care journal helps you transfer those thoughts that were once difficult to speak, with the hopes that it will become a daily routine to be more vocal about how you’re feeling. Filled with open-ended questions, and daily affirmations to declare over your life – “How’s Your Spirit Today?” is a must-have!


Even if you don’t write, grab a copy for a friend, sister, coworker, girlfriend, anybody!


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6×9 inch Notebook
*Perfect for carrying literally everywhere you go!
Flexible, high gloss laminated cover
61 pages


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6 reviews for “How’s Your Spirit Today?” Guided Self Care Journal

  1. Raisha (verified owner)

    Well written and organized! Perfect for someone who is new to journaling and needs a step by step on how to journal. This journal was obviously made with the love! Each page contains a daily affirmation to motivate you.

  2. Masala (verified owner)

    I love this! Its perfect for starting my journal journey again!! And the daily affirmations are just God sent! I think it’s so important to define yourself with positive words DAILY. And “Hows your Spirit Today” definitely helps with that.

  3. Khia (verified owner)

    I am loving my journal! I actually used it tonight! I was feeling down and rather than journaling the way I usually do I went for Sho’s. Asking “How is your Spirit Today” really helps you to delve deeper into what is going on in your day.

  4. Kaela J.

    I used to consider myself as very tuned in with my thoughts and feelings, until I got older. It’s like the older I got the more harder it was to actually put what I was thinking into words, it’s like my mouth would not comprehend what my brain was stirring up, and then came this journal!! It has helped me dig deeper in to my thoughts after a long day and also just give me an outlet so that I don’t carry all the feelings of the precious day into the new one. I’m 1/3 of the way through the journal and I definitely will be purchasing again. My anxiety has become less frequent because of this thoughtful outlet and the affirmations are DEFINITELY a bonus. I love it!!

  5. TamiDrnk (verified owner)

    Beautifully put together. I think this journal pretty much teaches us all that it’s ok to Be Still. Taking out time to reflect on everyday issues and putting those emotions into words. I honestly believe if a lot of people would use this guide it would help with a lot of the Grown Folk pressures of the world . Writing and reading is powerful. Thank you for my journal many blessings sweetie!!!

  6. Trenadia

    This journal is amazing!! It encourages me every day to seriously “check-in” on myself and make sure I’m on point with my goals and my emotions for the day. Absolutely LOVE this journal!

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