She’s Right There…

when he thinks she isn’t there
She is
That voice you hear way back in the crowd
Way beyond the doubt, and confusion
Plays a sound of unfamiliarity
Her voice is a pure, sweet, and safe sound
He is anxiously awaiting for her to show up
Because clarity is what she brings
The doors are finally open, but the crowd rushes right past her
In front are obstacles that he can’t see she is facing
She’s trying to fight the crowd to get to the front
just for you
To display a picture that he couldn’t have drawn himself
Because it she was the missing piece to the canvas
She’s trying to get to the front
Just for you
Yelling, pleading, shamelessly feeling defeated
But because she displayed an art you hadn’t seen before
You couldn’t see her
And she was standing right behind you

But see
You were only taught to hear the loudest voice
And not the softest
So, her voice got casted out
By the past familiarity of him hearing what was always wrong
He couldn’t hear
That pure, sweet, but safe sound of calmness she brought
Diligently through all complications and roadblocks, she manages to push through
So ecstatic that she made it
Front and center
Just to see you
Support you in ways you have never known
Because nobody ever showed up
Just for you

But you see
she did show up
front and center

just for you

but its hard to spot out what you’ve never seen before

But now he is gone
He was saddened by the thought that no one showed up
Especially her
But he failed to see that she was right there
front and center
just for you
fighting trying to get to the front
while the whole crowd keeps pushing her to the back




Who Made Up These Rules?

“Physics, this shit ain’t!”…one of my favorite lines from my all time favorite movie -Love Jones. I find myself reciting that one line over and over again when I look at things we are calling love nowadays…BUT it seems as though before we can even get to the blissfully love-filled relationships our heart desire; we have to pass this awkward phase of “talking” which can lead to untimely situationships we sometimes can’t get ourselves out of. Why is dating so complicated, especially in 2017? Maybe its because society tells us “don’t you dare call first”, or “don’t you text again because you texted last”, or “continuously checking their social media account.” These invisible rules that we follow are slowly becoming our demise to eventually ending up alone.

It is important to understand that we must all give and take in some aspects of our life, but it seems as though our generation’s hardest task is compromising. It seems as though open communication is a thing of the past, and keeping a mystery locket of emotion inside is normal. We make interactions with other individuals so difficult and I don’t know why. We allow our insecurities to get the best of us and will cover it with pride because appearing vulnerable is a sign of weakness. Everyone wants the beautiful house with the white picket fence, but don’t want to lay the first brick down for the foundation.  Society has made it the norm that showing genuine interest is thirst, and playing hard to get is the way to be. This new age of texting has taking over genuine intellectual conversations that are needed for healthy communication. Everybody don’t want a “Wyd” text!

If we learn to live by our own rules and date the way WE want too, healthy relationships and happiness will prosper without those “invisible rules” and won’t be so difficult. However, it is also important to understand that you cant change, anyone, …simple! BUT you can be considerate and patient while they are learning to give you what you are asking for…