Growing up, I had not one person that I could confide in about anything. I was a broken child who kept cutting herself when I was trying to put the pieces of my life back together. I began making decisions against my better judgments, and my whole life up until I was in my late teens was trial and error! Which became a disaster. I was a wreck emotionally, physically, spiritually, and especially mentally. Until one day, I woke up and decided to move to a whole new city and start my life completely over.

I began to understand that only I was in charge of my healing, regardless of how traumatic my hardships and pain was in life.  I had to dig deep into my internal lining and separate facts from feelings and fully dive in and seek the help that I had been crying out for years to obtain.

After seeking a revolutionary breakthrough of my own, I founded #ExpressionsOfSHO. We as women have sadly created this mindset that we can “do it all,” and we have severely neglected our self-care, our self-love, and our overall abilities to walk in our fullest transparency unapologetically.

My mission is to continuously expand this community of women by speaking up about these unspoken truths because our voices are another woman’s inspiration. We are all each other’s assignments, and we are nowhere near in these battles alone, no matter how much the enemy will make you think you are.

When you are continuously pouring yourself into your relationships, your friendships, your job, not resolving your childhood traumas, not effectively coping with pain, How are you even capable of adequately and correctly loving you and I’m talking about the little girl that’s inside of you?

With Many Expressions,