June 2022


I gave up religion, and I have never been happier.

…but hear me out!

where have I been and what happened to me?


I mean but what else Sho?? Honestly, does LIFE really need much expansion?? lol. because let’s be honest, it’s a pretty loaded question and I don’t know how much time yall have to read, but I’m going to try and keep it brief.

God told me to slow down and get my ish together… my personal ishh together because honestly, it was getting out of hand. You see it wasn’t all bad, but I felt as though I was running fast as hell in standstill motion, and I promise yall I am not exaggerating. I was trying to navigate a brand new job (yes, your girl is still a corporate baddie, and I love it – but working in high-level finance can be hectic and the interview process trying to pivot can be extremely stressful), I was also trying to find a new place to live. (YALL! More on that later because GOD did his THANG on my new apartment now and I’m getting teary-eyed just typing this) and I was also navigating the biggest heartbreak I have ever experienced from someone I thought I was going to spend forever with. So when you ask me what happened, the only honest answer I can give as transparently as possible is LIFE happened.

But during this time away in trying to navigate this ghetto foolishness that was happening in my life- my relationship with God changed in ways I never imagined. He has truly come THROUGH for your girl. I mean lil ol ratchet ME. Likeeeee I’m living in so many answered prayers and honestly some prayers I forgot I even prayed. but that’s the beauty of all of this and our walk with God. When we sometimes forget, he never does. He always remembers, and I mean every single detail of our life is oh so important to us, and I have resonated on that alone these past couple of months.

Pretty and Prayed Up is seriously a life community of little ol me inspiring you all out there to live your relationship with God unapologetically. Because it looks so different to us individually. I want to remind you pretty girls that when adversity hits us and life be pissing us off (yall know I cuss by now, please don’t clutch your pearls) I want us to stand firm in being connected in the way that feels TRUE to US.

I am someone who when I am feeling extremely frustrated and feeling as though God did give ALL of the battles to me, so sometimes, I am angry at God! Sometimes in prayer time, a cuss word may fly out (not AT God) but sometimes those trials and heartaches can’t produce the “feel-good words” and God gets all of the bad words I’m only able to express at that time. God knows me inside and out, so talking to him in my purest ways about the disadvantages I may be experiencing is the only way I know how to strengthen and become more engaged with him and that may not look like how others may pray, hell even worship. Because when I listen to gospel, Ima says “ayeee” like I’m at brunch because God’s music to my ears makes me feel so dang ol good and I’m not ashamed to express my love for him in the way he knows I’m bodied by it.

This time away has allowed me to grow closer, become more vulnerable, and unapologetically in tune with God in the way he knows my heart to be, and it’s not the way “religion” has taught us, and for that, I am okay with it. Pretty and Prayed Up was created solely for the woman of faith who was ratchet but righteous, a praying warrior, but also a trap queen worshipper, for women who believe themselves to be set apart and simply trying to find their way walking with God. This community is for YOU.

You belong here.
Unapologetically, Transparently, but also Uncompromising in your underlying love for our God.

I pray that you feel oh so welcomed, and you stick around to see just how much this community needs you as well. I love you ladies in real life, and your support for Pretty and Prayed Up blesses me every time you tell me there is not another place like this for you. I’m so honored you feel welcomed.


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