March 2020


9 Months Later…

Before yall even start trying to treat my life, let me explain first deg,

First, I hadn’t even noticed that I hadn’t wrote in all this time, until I received an email from one of my mentees, and the 4 words she spoke sent chills through my body… “I miss your blogs”

Wait, did she just say what I had secretly been feeling like for quite some time? Its true. I truly missed writing, but I felt like I wasn’t at my best to write, so I didn’t. You see, I was birthing something, and I didn’t understand quite what it was. I speak about being transparent, and authentic 98% of the time, so trying to create what wasn’t there is something that I couldn’t do. I need to sit in what was happening around me. My life was transitioning, and I didn’t even realize it. I relocated back home for another job, ended a relationship that I though there was no end, launched another business, all while still trying to figure myself out. Life happens and what we do in that time will determine how we handle what comes after.

 I don’t think we understand just how hard it really is to get your focus back after its been lost for so long. We tend to be super critical of ourselves when we feel like we aren’t producing, when really isn’t it quality over quantity. But more importantly, we need to be oaky, with us nothing being okay 100% of the time. Trying to pour from a cup that doesn’t have anything in it, will only leave you dry and looking for ways to quench your thirst of what isn’t there. This time away gave me the reminders to be more kind, patient and less critical of myself. We must give ourselves the grace to sit back and wait for new things to be birthed… New visions, new ideas, new possibilities. So here I am 9 months later…

Ima talk to yall later though 😊