ExpressionsOfSHO was created to give women a platform to expresses themselves with our unspoken truths. My mission is to create a space to shine a light on controversial issues and traumatic situations that have happened to the beautiful souls that we often feel we are all alone during the journey to finding resolutions.

While encouraging women to break barriers they never thought they would be free from, I’m also #ExpressingMyself because I’m walking through some same dark tunnels. Our imperfections are beautiful, and my goal is to help one woman at a time #ExpressHerself.

#ExpressionsOfSHO gives women a sense of comfort and peace that many have yearned for so long, and have been unable to grasp which is where my lessons, insight, and well-rounded self-care guidance helps navigate us, women, back to that road we once stumbled off.

My mission is that I encourage and teach women to walk in their full transparency unapologetically, yet gracefully.



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